Fragrance Free All Natural Hair Care

Did you know that fragrance causes about 80% of all allergies?

Nonscents is a revolutionary new idea in professional hair care products. Completely fragrance-free! What you smell is what is in the products. Our unscented hair care products will actually make your hair beautiful and manageable while causing no airborne allergens!

Stop Suffering From Allergies - Try Nonscents Unscented Hair Care Products Today!


unscented hair care starter set

Hair Care Starter Set

(US ORDERS ONLY) You get all of our unscented products: shampoo, conditioner, sculpting gel, texturizing cream, and hair spray.
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clean and simple unscented shampoo

Clean and Simple 

This gentle shampoo is formulated for everyday use on all hair types including dry, damaged, and color treated. It’s free of scent and harsh cleansers. We just love it because in the absence of the added  oils used for fragrance, hair stays cleaner longer.
8 oz: $13.49 | 16 oz: $24.99
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 unscented shampoo and conditioner set

Shampoo Conditioner Set

Our unscented shampoo and conditioner now comes as a set. This is an incredible value which includes one 8 oz bottle of Clean & Simple daily Shampoo and one 8 oz bottle of Condition & Shine conditioner.
8 oz: $25.99 | 16 oz: $49.99
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Condition & Shine Daily Conditioner -  No Fragrance

Condition and Shine

A light conditioner that restores moisture and strength. We love it because without the added oils used for fragrance, it doesn’t make hair greasy or weigh your hair down. A must for color treated hair or curly hair and perfect for all hair types.
8 oz: $14.49 | 16 oz: $26.99
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unscented hair styling set

Hair Styling Set

This is an incredible value! Includes one each: 8 oz bottle of Shape & Sculpt Shaping Gel, Smooth & Separate Texturizing Cream, Hold & Control Hair Spray
$49.49 | More Info
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Shape & Sculpt Shaping Gel - No Fragrance

Shape and Sculpt

A classic hold styling gel great for slicking, spiking and scrunching. Use with a diffuser on wavy or curly hair to encourage bouncy curls. Great for thermal styling too. We love it because it's fragrance-free and really holds.
$17.49 | More Info

Smooth & Separate Texturizing Cream - Unscented

Smooth and Separate

A versatile styling cream that smooths and controls. Use on short hair to "piece it up" or on curly to control frizz and piece together locks. Mix with our shaping gel to create curl and volume. No added scent.
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Hold and Control Hair Spray

Hold and Control

Fragrance-free, fast drying spray with long lasting hold. No added scent inhibitors so what you are smelling is just what is in it. The slightly sweet smell is due to the resins and alchohol present in all hair sprays, but it evaporates quickly. Use it when you need really big hair!
$17.49 | More Info
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